Do You Get Paid Working For MSF?

How can I work with MSF?

Submit application.

Choose your country of residency below.

If you are eligible to apply through the U.S.

office and you meet our essential requirements, you may submit your application online.

Otherwise, you will be directed to the appropriate Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) office..

How competitive is MSF?

Thanks! Yes, it is a competitive application process but we aim to have a diverse group of expats in the field and recruit from all areas of expertise and education. It never harms to apply as you will always get feedback. We accept many people after they follow up on our recommendations.

How many Doctors Without Borders have been killed?

CAIRO (AP) — Doctors Without Borders says more than 100 people have died in a shipwreck off the Libyan coast and the remaining survivors are being held in detention in Libya.

What is it like working for MSF?

MSF is there when no one else is. They feel that everyone, even in the middle of a civil war, deserves access to high-quality healthcare. And they’ll negotiate with both sides. They’ll say to the Taliban or local armed groups, ‘Listen, we’ll treat you, we’ll treat everyone, but this is how it is going to work.

Do you get paid with Doctors Without Borders?

Starting gross monthly salary is $2,039, with subsequent increases based on expertise and experience. Americans working in the field with MSF receive a US letter of agreement in which all required taxes and contributions are deducted.

Is MSF a non profit?

MSF was founded in Paris, France in 1971. … MSF is an independent, self-governed, non-profit organisation. It operates programmes in more than 70 countries worldwide.