Does BTS Choreograph Their Own Dance?

Who is cutest in BTS?

Jungkook is unarguably the cutest member of BTS.

Because of his talent, charming looks and a great attitude, Jungkook is loved a lot by the ARMY..

Who makes BTS choreography?

Keone MadridKeone Madrid, the choreographer behind many of BTS’s hit tracks, has finally had the chance to see the guys perform! On April 3 (local time), Keone Madrid shared photos on Twitter with BTS from when he attended their “WINGS” concert on April 1 in Anaheim, California.

Is BTS choreography hard?

BTS choreography is intense. Not very difficult to perform. You need lots of ENERGY. I learn their dance by watching their videos and tutorials.

Which BTS song has hardest choreography?

Now “IDOL” currently holds the number one spot for BTS’s toughest dance numbers. Your browser does not support video. In BTS’s behind the scenes video for “IDOL”, Suga said that the choreography is definitely the hardest one yet.

Who is the choreographer of BTS fake love?

Kevin NguyenBTS – “FAKE LOVE” CHOREOGRAPHY by Kevin Nguyen.

Does BTS play BTS world?

Players take the role of BTS’ manager, going through various journeys with each of the seven members from 2012, prior to their debut, to 2019….BTS WorldPlatform(s)Android; AppleReleaseJune 26, 2019Genre(s)Visual novelMode(s)single-player3 more rows

Who is the skinniest person in BTS?

SugaWell, I would say Suga, since he is the lightest and has the skinniest and prettiest legs in korean standards.

Who is best dancer in BTS?

JiminI think Jimin is the more well rounded, versatile and the best dancer; he’s good at all genres of dance from hip hop to contemporary – he does it all! Jimin’s technique, execution and bodyline is always beautiful – he never looks sloppy! Jungkook and J-hope are more equal to each other for BTS choreo!

Who is the scariest member in BTS when angry?

JiminHere are 7 times Jimin proved he’s the scariest member of BTS when mad. Jimin looked like he was about to start a fight with the young man in the audience who disrespected his sister. The BTS star told him that his behavior was problematic and advised him to reflect on what he has done. (Watch the clips here and here).

Which is the easiest BTS dance?

Boy In Luv, especially since they even made a short tutorial for it on 1theK. It was the first BTS dance I ever learned, and even though I missed a lot of the details, it wasn’t hard at all to pick up. The musicality is very simple, and the moves require power but not a lot of technique.

Who is the most handsome on BTS?

A popular Greek TV show ‘StarKouKou’ introduced Taehyung as the No. 1 in the “World’s Top 10 Most Handsome Men in 2020.” The program hosts praised him for being the most handsome man as well as BTS heartthrob.

Who works the hardest in BTS?

6 Facts About Jimin From BTS, The Band’s Resident Prince CharmingHe’s BTS’ hardest worker. … He’s formally trained in modern dance. … He holds himself to an extremely high standard. … His charm is irresistible. … He’s besties with Jimmy Fallon. … He’s got the most-viewed fancam ever.