Question: How Do You Behave In A Lab?

What is the last thing you should do before leaving the lab?

The last thing you should do before leaving the lab, after an experiment, is to wash your hands.

Most chemicals are toxic to some extent, so clean your hands before leaving.

Take appropriate action, then notify the instructor..

How do you maintain your computer?

Let’s take a look at the 10 commandments of computer care for your workstation PC.Install Antivirus Software. … Perform Regular Software Updates. … Run Computer Maintenance. … Backup Files. … Keep Your Keyboard Crumb Free. … Clean the Screen. … Remove Dust from Vents and Fans. … Use a Surge Protector.More items…•

Is working in a lab dangerous?

Important Tips to Stay Safe While Working in Laboratories. Laboratories can be very dangerous places to work in because of the use of potentially hazardous substances and exposure to physical harm. Additionally, many of those who work in labs are doing so alone on off hours, heightening their risk.

Why is a computer lab important for schools?

A computer laboratory is important in every private and government school to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students. … If there is a computer lab then students can invest their free time in learning programming, automation and to improve basic computer skills.

What are 5 safety precautions for a laboratory?

Basic Safety RulesKnow locations of laboratory safety showers, eyewashstations, and fire extinguishers. … Know emergency exit routes.Avoid skin and eye contact with all chemicals.Minimize all chemical exposures.No horseplay will be tolerated.Assume that all chemicals of unknown toxicity are highly toxic.More items…

What are the do’s and don’ts of a computer lab?

COMPUTER LABORATORY RULESAlways keep quiet. … Report any problems with the computer to the person in charge.Shut down the computer properly.Do not bring any food or drinks in the computer room.Do not touch any part of the computer with wet hands.More items…

What is the most important lab safety rule?

The most important lab safety rule is to know the location of and how to use safety equipment, such as a fire extinguisher.

Why are computer lab rules important?

Safety guidelines help protect individuals from accidents and injury. … They also help to protect equipment from damage. Some of these guidelines are designed to protect the environment from contamination caused by improperly discarded materials.

What are the computer laboratory rules and regulations?

Computer Lab RulesEach person may only use one computer at a time.Computers and peripherals are not to be moved or reconfigured without approval of Lab and Classrooms staff.Students may not install software on lab computers. … The use of tobacco products is not allowed in computer classrooms and labs.More items…

Why should you tie your hair back in a lab?

For one, burning hair does not smell good. Secondly, burning hair can lead to severe skin burns. … Note: If the lab does not include a fire component, it is still important to tie hair back. It’s not unheard of for students to accidently dip their hair into the chemicals with which they are working.

How should we ask for help in the computer room?

The people who needs to ask doubt, they can ask from the people who sit in front of the computer connected in online. A computer room will give solutions to the people’s queries by chatting with other people connected across a network.

What should you not do in a lab?

Things Not to DoDo not eat, drink, chew gum, smoke or apply cosmetics in the lab. … Do not put pieces of lab equipment in your mouth. … Do not work with chemicals until you are sure of their safe handling. … Do not use the phone or computer with gloves on your hands.

What are the 10 lab safety rules?

The 10 Most Important Lab Safety RulesThe Most Important Lab Safety Rule. … Know the Location of Safety Equipment. … Dress for the Lab. … Don’t Eat or Drink in the Laboratory. … Don’t Taste or Sniff Chemicals. … Don’t Play Mad Scientist in the Laboratory. … Dispose of Lab Waste Properly. … Know What to Do With Lab Accidents.More items…•

What is safe lab procedures?

Dress for work in the laboratory. Wear clothing and shoes that cover exposed skin and protect you from potential splashes. Tie back long hair, jewelry, or anything that may catch in equipment. Never eat food, drink beverages, chew gum, apply cosmetics (including lip balm), or handle contact lenses in the laboratory.

What are the most common lab safety problems?

Common Laboratory Safety IssuesStorage of combustible materials near the ceiling.Storage of corrosive, flammable, or toxic chemicals above face height.Incomplete/improper labeling of liquid waste containers.Poor labeling of stock solutions or secondary containers.Faded labels or label falling off.Degraded plastic chemical containers.More items…

How do computer labs behave?

Always treat the computer lab equipment AND your teacher and classmates the way that you would want your belongings and yourself to be treated. No food or drinks near the computers. NO EXCEPTIONS. Enter the computer lab quietly and work quietly.

What should you do if you need help in the computer lab?

Clean your computer lab regularly.Dust computer screens using a thin, soft microfiber cloth. … Vacuum the floor every day, if possible, so dirt and debris is less likely to gather around the computers.Dust all surfaces of the computer. … Use compressed air to clean out keyboards.

Why shouldnt you eat in a lab?

Food ingestion and chemically contaminated drinks are sources of chemical exposure. Thus, chemical exposure takes place upon consuming food or beverages stored with chemicals. … Therefore, eating or drinking in the lab is strictly forbidden.