Question: How Do You Delete All Text Messages On An Iphone?

How do I delete messages that won’t delete?

press your finger down on the message text until a menu comes up.

Unlock the message – that’s how I was able to delete a message that would not delete the regular way.

Try to send something on the same number/contact.

It will add to the message thread..

How do you select all text messages on iPhone?

Would be nice to have a “Select All Messages” option. If you open the Message, you can hold your finger on one of the Message Segments until a pop-up shows up and click More …then you can tap on each circle to the left of each Message Segment, then at the bottom of the screen you will see a curved arrow, click on it.

How do I mass delete text messages?

How to Delete Multiple Android Messages at the Same TimeOpen the Messages app.Select a chat thread.Long-press on a message to highlight it.Tap any additional messages you wish to remove.Tap the trash can icon from the menu bar at the top of the app screen to delete the messages.

How do I delete my text messages backup?

2. Unlock the Android device for which you want to delete the backup information. Open the application launcher and select the Settings icon. Scroll down to the Personal section and tap “Backup & Reset.” Tap the check boxes next to Back up My Data and Automatic Restore to disable those features.

How do you hide messages on iPhone without deleting?

How to Hide Text Messages on Your iPhone’s Message appLaunch Cydia.Install HiddenConvos tweak.Go to your and left-swipe a conversation that you want to hide.Noticed how there is a new button called Hide next to Delete.Just tap on it and the conversation will disappear.

How do I delete a text number?

Go to your Dashboard menu option, and click on the number’s name (under the Description column). Edit the name as you’d like, and click Save. You can also delete the text number from this screen by clicking Delete and confirming.

Can I delete all my text messages at once on iPhone?

Follow these simple steps to clear all messages from your iPhone at once. Open the Settings app. Scroll down to Messages and tap it. … Confirm that you want to delete the old messages and attachments by tapping the Delete button.

How do I delete all text messages at once?

How to delete all message threads at onceIn your Messages app, tap the More menu. on the upper right hand corner.Select Delete all threads from the options.Tap Ok to confirm deletion.

How do you delete iPhone text messages?

How to delete a conversation on an iPhoneOpen the Messages app.Scroll through your messages until you find the conversation that you want to remove.Swipe to the left until you see “Delete.” … Tap “Delete” and then tap “Delete” again in the confirmation window that appears at the bottom of the screen.