Quick Answer: Do Visit Us Sometime Meaning?

Do you got the time?

Definition of have (got) the time —used to ask someone what time it is”Do you have the time?” “Yes, it’s 10 minutes past 3.”Excuse me, but have you got the time?.

Can I get some of your time?

“May I take some of your time” is a very polite and grammatically correct way to ask for someone’s time. You need to choose a different verb than “say,” however; we don’t “say a story.”

Can I call you sometime meaning?

A request to call someone that one is romantically interested in (as for a date). I really enjoyed spending time with you today—can I call you sometime?

What’s another word for sometimes?

Find another word for sometimes. In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sometimes, like: betimes, at-times, seldom, intermittently, occasionally, sporadically, ever and again (or anon), now and again (or then), at intervals, now-and-then and now.

How do you use sometimes in a sentence?

Sometimes sentence examplesSometimes we go out to eat. … Sometimes we have to accept change, if we want to move forward. … I sometimes have them too. … I think sometimes you forget that you’re my employer. … Sometimes they became infected with other illnesses, and variolation seemed to start entirely new epidemics.More items…

Can I use sometimes in the past?

Sometimes is typically used with the simple present and simple past. It can be placed immediately before the main verb, or before the subject: Sometimes I drive to school / I sometimes drive to school.

How long is a while?

The study has discovered “a while” estimates a length of 4 months whereas “a little while” would be a little less at 3 months’ time. Going a little further, “a while back” would indicate the potential of occurring up to 8 months in the past.

What does give me some time mean?

@Ham: It means to wait for (usually emotions) to heal. This phrase is generally used when someone has something bad emotionally happen to them. For example, breaking up with a partner. In this case, ‘give it some time’ means that basically everything will be okay and you will feel better soon.

What the difference between are you and do you?

“Are you?” is posed when the previous answer used a form of the verb “to be,” such as “I am” or “you are,” and the answer is doubted. “Do you?” is asked when the previous answer used a form of the verb “to do,” such as “I do” or “you do,” and the answer is doubted. “Are you,” is followed by an adjective.

What can sometimes be a person?

According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for “sometimes person” are: gentile, people, funeral, death rattle, and person. There are 483 other words that are related to or similar to sometimes person listed above.

What is difference between sometime and sometimes?

Sometime means “at some point.” As an adjective, sometime also means “former.” Some time means “a period of time”—usually a long period of time. Sometimes means “occasionally.”

Do you have time meaning?

One: If you ask, “Do you have the time?” by itself, it means, “What time is it?” But if you’ve just described some assistance that you need or job that has to be done, it can mean, “Are you available to do this?” For example, “Someone is going to have to proof-read this report.