Quick Answer: Does Cricket Give Free Phones?

Does Cricket offer free phones?

Get a new smartphone for free Right now, Cricket is offering several smartphones for free.

You have to switch your old number over to Cricket (excluding any AT&T numbers), then sign up for a plan that’s at least $30 or $60 per month, depending on the device you want..

How can I get a free phone from cricket?

#2 Cricket Deal LG Escape Plus – Free Bring your phone number to Cricket Wireless and get a LG Escape Plus for free! What: Special Offer! Activate a new line, transfer your number from another carrier (excludes AT&T numbers) and sign up for a minimum $30/month plan to get this phone for free.

What specials does cricket have?

Hot Deals at Cricket WirelessNokia C2 Tava. From. $0. When you bring your number and activate a min. … Samsung Galaxy A01. From. Original Price $109.99. … Samsung Galaxy A10e. From. $ … LG Fortune® 3. From. Original Price $99.99. … Nokia 3.1 C. From. $0. … Motorola moto e⁵ PLAY. From. $0. … Cricket® Icon Smartphone. From. $0. … Alcatel ONYX™ From. $0.

What is the cheapest iPhone at cricket?

Hot Deals at Cricket WirelessApple iPhone 7 32 GB. From. Original Price $399.99. See Details.Apple iPhone 8 Plus. From. $ 149. Original Price $449.99. See Details.Apple iPhone SE. From. $ 249. Original Price $349.99. See Details.

Can I buy an iPhone from Apple and use it with cricket?

Your iPhone must be compatible with our GSM network. … If it’s an iPhone 5 or later, you should be good to go. You can also bring your iPad or data only Apple device. Check compatibility.

Does Cricket offer free upgrades?

You must have an existing line of service with Cricket; … The upgrade phone must be new and purchased from a Cricket store or online at www.cricketwireless.com; You can upgrade your phone only once every 180 days; A $25 device upgrade fee applies to phone upgrades in Cricket stores and online.

What cell phone companies offer free phones?

Verizon is offering four different free cell phones with a 24-month commitment on a new phone line:Apple iPhone 7.Samsung Galaxy A10e.Nokia 3 V.Motorola moto e6.

Which is better straight talk or cricket?

Overall, individual users will be better off going with Straight Talk, particularly the $45, 25 GB plan. On the other, for people looking for multi-line deals, it’s hard to beat Cricket Wireless. Cricket has few competitors in the realm of solid budget family plans.

How much does an iPhone cost at cricket?

*When you bring your number and activate a min. Excludes AT&T ports. New line/port pricing available once every 180 days. Usage, speed & restr’s apply. Original Price $399.99.