Quick Answer: How Do I Delete An Email Address From My Contact List In Outlook?

How do I cancel an email address?

In the menu, click Options then Account Settings.

On the left side of the screen, select the e-mail address you want to remove.

Click the Account Actions button.

In the drop-down menu that appears, select Remove Account..

How do I delete an email address in Windows 10?

If you’re no longer using an account, you can remove it from the Windows 10 settings using these steps:Open Settings.Click on Accounts.Click on Email & accounts.Select the account that you’re planning to remove.Click the Manage button.Click the Delete account from this device option.Click the Delete button.More items…•

How do I delete email contacts in Windows 10?

Either way, it’s easy to delete or edit a contact manually by following these steps:Click the People tile on the Start menu. The People app appears. … To delete a contact, right-click his name and choose Delete from the pop-up menu. … To edit a contact, click the Edit icon (shown here). … Click the Save icon.

How do I delete an email address from my Outlook address book?

On the File tab, click Account Settings > Account Settings. On the Address Books tab, click the address book that you want to remove, and then click Remove.

How do I delete unwanted email addresses?

Just click inside the unwanted address field, press CTRL-a to select the entire address, then press DELETE.

How do I delete an email address from my contact list on iPhone?

Just turn Contacts on or off for that account:Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts.Tap the account that has contacts that you want to add or remove.To add contacts, turn on Contacts. To remove contacts, turn off Contacts, then tap Delete from My iPhone.

What is the difference between Outlook contacts and address book?

However, the Contacts feature is usually a list of external contacts, while the Address Book contains information for people who work in your company. This is a common setup in the business world because the Address Books are stored on an Exchange Server and can be shared with everyone in the company.

How do I permanently delete an old email address?

Select “Data and personalization” from the far-left menu. Scroll to “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data” and select “Delete a service or your account.” Click “Delete a service” on the next page.

How do I delete an email address from autofill?

In the To: field, start typing an email address. Click the “X” at the right on each address. or use the up and down arrows on your keyboard, select the email address you would like to remove from the suggested contacts list. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

How do I delete an email address from my contact list?

Remove One Contact From a ListClick Contacts.Click View all Contacts.Enter the email address of the contact you want to unsubscribe. … Click on your contact’s name.In the Email section, click the X next to the name of each list you want to remove your contact from.

How do I get rid of other suggestions email address in Outlook?

When you typing the email address, Outlook auto complete list will bring up Recent people which you have sent email to and Other Suggestions. To delete contacts from Recent People just click the “X” besides them, or hit delete key.

How do I delete an obsolete or incorrect email address in Windows 10?

Replies (6) Type people in the search bar and select People to open Windows People app.Search for the contact and then click on it.Then click on three dots symbol and choose delete.