Quick Answer: How Do You Read A RL Plan?

What is Profile Levelling?

Profile leveling is a method of surveying that has been carried out along the central line of a track of land on which a linear engineering work is to be constructed/ laid.

The operations involved in determining the elevation of ground surface at small spatial interval along a line is called profile leveling..

What are the principles of Levelling?

The principle of levelling is to obtain horizontal line of sight with respect to which vertical distances of the points above or below this line of sight are found.  Find the elevation of given point with respect to some assumed reference line called datum.

How do you set up auto level?

An Auto Level is a level with a compensator.Setup your tripod as level as possible, step on tripod legs to drive into the ground.Attach auto level to the tripod.Adjust level so bubble is centered in vial.Adjust recital until crosshairs are clear.Adjust the objective lens until object you are sighting on is clear.More items…

What is RL in result?

result laterRL means result later.

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What is the process of Levelling?

Leveling is a process to determine the vertical position of different points below, on, or above the ground. In surveying operations, vertical elevations and vertical control are generally derived independently of horizontal control.

What is the least count of Levelling staff?

5 mmStaff are either solid (having single piece of 3 meter height) (Figure 11.5) or folding staff (of 4 meter height into two or three pieces) (Figure 11.6). The least count of a leveling staff is 5 mm.

How do you read a dumpy level?

StepsSet your tripod up near the spot you want to measure. … Connect your device to the tripod and position it over 2 leveling screws. … Level the device by adjusting the 2 leveling screws. … Turn your telescope 90 degrees and adjust the third leveling screw. … Check your level’s calibration by turning it 180 degrees.

What is RL measured in?

Reduced levelReduced level (RL): this is the height or elevation above the point adopted as the site datum for the purpose of establishing levels. To establish the required depths for a drainage system you need to work from the datum point. The datum is taken as a reduced level of 10,000.

What does Levelling mean?

Levelling is a process of determining the height of one level relative to another. It is used in surveying to establish the elevation of a point relative to a datum, or to establish a point at a given elevation relative to a datum.

What is full form RL?

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What is the purpose of dumpy level?

It is widely used in surveying and construction to measure height differences and to transfer, measure, and set heights of known objects or marks. It is also known as a Surveyors level, Builders level, Dumpy level or the historic “Y” level.

What does RL mean on plans?

Reduced levelReduced level. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Relative level in surveying refers to equating elevations of survey points with reference to a common assumed datum. It is a vertical distance between survey point and adopted datum plane.

How do you calculate RL?

– method to calculate RL; height of collimation (H of C) = reduced level(R.L.) + backsight (B.S.) reduced level (R.L.) = height of collimation (H of C) – foresight (F.S.) reduced level (R.L.)

How do you calculate RL from Rise and Fall?

It consists of determining the difference of elevation between consecutive points by comparing each point after the first that immediately preceding it. The difference between there staff reading indicates a rise fall according to the staff reading at the point.

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How do you read staff level?

The staff reading is the reading on the staff at which the horizontal hair appears to cut the staff. A staff reading consists of 4 digits. The first digit represents the whole number of meters, the second digit represents decimeters, and the third, and fourth digits represent millimeters.

What is RL leave?

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What are the methods of Levelling?

Based on the observation points and instrument positions direct leveling is divided into different types as follows:Simple leveling.Differential leveling.Fly leveling.Profile leveling.Precise leveling.Reciprocal leveling.