Quick Answer: How Many Hours Is The Witcher 3?

Should I finish Witcher 3 before expansion?

This means it can be played before or after finishing the story in the base game.

However, it is a high level quest line, expecting a character level above level 30, so if you wish to play the first expansion before finishing the Wild hunt story, you’re best doing so after returning from Skellige..

Is blood and wine better than hearts of stone?

Heart of Stones is an excellent DLC too, but it will only keep you occupied for about half the time of Blood and Wine which is something to keep in mind if you’re trying to choose between the two games.

Is Witcher 3 better than Skyrim?

They’re both great games but the Witcher 3 is better than Skyrim in just about every way. However it’s really important to consider that there’s a few years between the release of both of those games so differences in the graphics, game world, gameplay etc. … Love Skyrim, but Witcher 3 is superior in every aspect.

What level should I be to finish Witcher 3?

Most people end the game around level 34 or 35, and you’ll gain 3-4 levels from the point that you’re at. I finished at level 35, and did every single quest available aside from maybe a couple of exclamation points that O didn’t happen across.

Is The Witcher 3 hard?

The Witcher 3 is harder than Skyrim but easier than Dark Souls – unless you venture into permadeath territory. But if you’re not really keen on RPGs with action gameplay you may be on the fence, and with good reason; this is no Skyrim. …

Is The Witcher 3 the longest game ever?

4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (173+ Hours) It’s not only one of the most exceptional open-world role-playing games of all time, but it’s also one of the longest open-world games. It takes approximately 173 hours to complete The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How many hours is Witcher 3 with all DLC?

The original run is around 100 hours, Hearts of Stone is about 10–15 hours, Blood and Wine is around 20–30, all of it depending on how much you explore.

What is the shortest video game ever?

Pokemon SnapOn the other hand, the shortest video game ever made as far as I know is Pokemon Snap. This first-person rail shooter and simulation video game can be finished within an hour.

Should I play Witcher 3 easy?

No. The Witcher is fairly easy on Normal. It’s not that complex either. It is however, a fantastic game either way.

Will there be a Witcher 4?

CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński has already basically confirmed that there will be another Witcher game, it just won’t be called The Witcher 4, so it’s looking likely the next game is but a few years away.

What is the longest video game?

Skyrim the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim’sSkyrim the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim’s 5th release is without a doubt the longest video game ever made in history. It is also one of the best titles from Bethesda, a company that when it sets out to do something it does it very well. It has a huge world that we can explore for hours, they can be infinite as long as it is.

How many endings does Witcher 3 have?

There are actually 36 unique end scenarios if you take into account all the different things you can do throughout the whole game, but that number covers side mission outcomes and other less important decisions. In terms of the big final ending there are three main outcomes you can get in the The Witcher 3.

What is the hardest game in the world?

10 Most difficult games out thereMany agree Dark Souls is one of the hardest games. … Playing Ninja Gaiden may make you a masochist. … Contra is one of the first “Konami code” games. … Mega Man 9 is much more than a nostalgia trip. … Breaking and flipping past gates is no easy task. … A sea of spikes will make sure you won’t live long.More items…•

Because the Witcher 3 has a gorgeously designed world, that actually feels alive. And of course you can’t make your own choices whenever you want. You’re playing Geralt, not a randomly generated character. … This allows for a much better storytelling than any open ended RPG with a character you create.

How many hours is the Witcher 3 main story?

100 hoursOriginally Answered: How many hours is the Witcher 3? Depends on your playing style and difficulty. The developers promised about 100 hours for the main game and about 30 hours for the addons (10 for Hearts of Stone and 20 for Blood and Wine).