Quick Answer: What Is The Definition Of Approximate?

What rough means?

Rough means harsh and uneven.

If you want to go driving in the rough terrain of rocky dirt roads, you’ll need four-wheel drive and a stomach for bouncing.

Rough means coarse or bumpy, and can be used in many different ways..

How do you approximate in math?

What is approximation?To approximate to the nearest ten, look at the digit in the tens column.To approximate to the nearest hundred, look at the digit in the hundreds column.For the nearest thousand, look at the digit in the thousands column.

How do you use approximate?

Approximate in a Sentence 🔉Because Jack did not want to place an exact figure on how much he was willing to spend, I asked him for an approximate ball park figure. … Though I won’t know the actual cost of repair until I order the parts, the approximate cost to fix your car engine is $900.More items…

What is approximate area?

When finding the area under a curve for a region, it is often easiest to approximate area using a summation series. This approximation is a summation of areas of rectangles. The rectangles can be either left-handed or right-handed and, depending on the concavity, will either overestimate or underestimate the true area.

What does approximate age mean?

Learner’s definition of APPROXIMATE. : almost correct or exact. This is the approximate location of the ancient city. her approximate age.

How do you approximate value?

An approximate value by defect of a number is a value that is close to this number, less than it, as close as possible, and with a requested level of precision. The number 3.1415 is an approximate value by defect of the number π.

What is another word for have?

What is another word for have?possessownbearhogboasthave in handholdcarrybe in possession ofcommand43 more rows

Whats does approximate mean?

adjective. near or approaching a certain state, condition, goal, or standard. nearly exact; not perfectly accurate or correct: The approximate time was 10 o’clock. near; close together.

What is the approximate symbol?

Basic math symbolsSymbolSymbol NameMeaning / definition≈approximately equalapproximation>strict inequalitygreater than

What is an approximate answer?

Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than an exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise.

What does approximate mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of approximate (Entry 2 of 2) : to bring together approximate cut edges of tissue.

Why do we approximate?

An approximate number is one that does have uncertainty. A number can be approximate for one of two reasons: The number can be the result of a measurement. For example a certain instrument capable of measuring to the nearest 0.1 cm may measure the length of a certain bolt to be 8.6 cm.

How do you spell immediately?

“immediately – correct spelling.” Grammar.com.

What does aroma mean?

noun. an odor arising from spices, plants, cooking, etc., especially an agreeable odor; fragrance. (of wines and spirits) the odor or bouquet. a pervasive characteristic or quality.

What is an example of approximate?

The definition of approximate is a time or a tangible item which is close to something else but not exactly like it. Stating that a play will start at 7:00 when it will actually start a few minutes after that is an example of the time of 7:00 being an approximate time.

What is the meaning of approximate value?

To approximate is to calculate the value of something based on informed knowledge. As an adjective, approximate can mean “near” or “close together.” If your friend calls to say he’s at a location approximate to your house, she’s in your neighborhood. …

What is another word for approximate?

What is another word for approximate?looseroughgeneralnearballparkvaguehazyamorphousapproximativebroad193 more rows