What Does Responsiveness Mean?

What does responsiveness mean in business?

Commercial responsiveness is the ability of a business to react quickly and appropriately in different situations, both in the selling and post-sale phases..

How do I become more responsive?

7 ways to be more responsive to customersAsk your customers what they want. A survey of your existing customers can show you which customer service channels they prefer. … Manage customer expectations. … Develop procedures. … Educate your employees. … Provide self-service options. … Use technology. … Stay human.

What are the traits of being responsive?

Each of the Big Four attributes — curiosity, humility, empathy and resilience — is integral to responsive leadership.

What is responsiveness service quality?

Responsiveness. It is the willingness to help customers and provide prompt service. This dimension emphasizes attentiveness and promptness in dealing with customer’s requests, questions, complaints and problems.

What is an example of responsiveness?

Responsiveness is nothing but to respond as quickly as possible to a situation. Example: a customer drops a mail regarding some specific information about a product. Now responsiveness can be traced out from how fast you reply to this mail with the desired information.

How can you show responsiveness?

Responsiveness: 5 Tips for Dealing with DeadlinesAct quickly. Procrastination works well only until you earn your degree. … Show concern for the outcome. Working hard is not enough. … Follow-up pre-emptively. Responsiveness is not only a behavior; it is a communication style. … Keep all parties involved. … Have an organized system.

What’s another word for responsiveness?

What is another word for responsiveness?alertnessapproachabilityreceptivitysensitivityacceptancebroad-mindednessinterestobservancereceptivenesstolerance21 more rows

What does responsiveness to customer service mean?

Customer responsiveness is about being fast and right. … Customer responsiveness is about being fast and right. The value of being right is obvious – customers get something that meets their needs. But the value also depends critically on the speed with which the response is produced.

What does responsiveness mean in economics?

It is the percentage change in the quantity demanded of one good or service at a specific price divided by the percentage change in the price of another good or service, all other things unchanged.

What is responsiveness in psychology?

n. a process in which interaction partners attend to and respond supportively to each other’s needs, wishes, and circumstances, thereby promoting each other’s well-being.

What does response mean?

A response is a reaction to a question, experience, or some other type of stimulus. If you cry at sad movies, you’re having an emotional response to the drama that’s taking place on the screen. A response can come in many forms, including an answer to a question, an emotional reaction, or a reply.

What is true responsiveness?

What is True Responsiveness? Your employees and constituents expect to be able to do everything on their mobile device that they would on their desktop without compromising functionality: finding a contact, applying for a job, reviewing their pay stub, enrolling in a class, enrolling in benefits, or make a payment.

What is a responsive strategy?

Responsive strategy or MVBS is a process to achieve positive change by shifting current state of things and the perception of the audience, employees or competition (a perceiver) towards strategically favorable for the business, which enables the company smoothly execute their policy.

What is a responsive person?

The definition of responsive is gives an answer, or reacts easily or readily. An example of a responsive person is someone who is always there when her friends need help.

Why is responsiveness important?

A connection is an energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued. … A definition of responsiveness is equally important, as being responsive is one of the key ingredients in helping those close to us feel heard, seen, and valued. In being responsive, others know that you care and are listening.

What is responsiveness in communication?

Responsiveness, in communication, refers to the degree that what YOU say, responds clearly and directly, to what the other person just said. If you are being responsive, the other person knows you are paying attention, and care enough about what he or she is talking about to “stay on that topic”.

What is responsive culture?

According to the National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems (NCCREST), “cultural responsiveness is the ability to learn from and relate respectfully with people of your own culture as well as those from other cultures.” Now we can begin to spell out how to develop and sustain a culturally responsive …

What are good customer service examples?

7 Examples of good customer service practicesJetBlue – Thanks frequent customers with small gestures.Tesla – Meet your customers where they’re at.Adobe – Respond to customer service complaints before they happen.Trader Joe’s – Help those in time of need.Coca-Cola – Get involved in social causes.Zappos – Personally reply to every email.Us!