What Is Meant By Surrender?

What does relinquish mean?

to renounce or surrender (a possession, right, etc.): to relinquish the throne.

to give up; put aside or desist from: to relinquish a plan.

to let go; release: to relinquish one’s hold..

What is the meaning of surrender value?

Definition: It is the amount the policyholder will get from the life insurance company if he decides to exit the policy before maturity. A regular premium policy acquires surrender value after the policyholder has paid the premiums continuously for three years. …

What is the meaning of surrendered?

verb (used with object) to yield (something) to the possession or power of another; deliver up possession of on demand or under duress: to surrender the fort to the enemy; to surrender the stolen goods to the police. to give (oneself) up, as to the police.

What is the biblical definition of surrender?

To surrender in spirituality and religion means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power. It may also be contrasted with Submission. Surrender is willful acceptance and yielding to a dominating force and their will.

What type of word is surrender?

Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense surrenders , present participle surrendering , past tense, past participle surrendered. 1. verb. If you surrender, you stop fighting or resisting someone and agree that you have been beaten. He called on the rebels to surrender. [

What does surrender mean in a relationship?

Surrender is, most simply put, the release of the entire mental-emotional energy field inside you that is fighting for power. It is letting go of your identification with a mental position. This means letting go not only of your partner’s actions and choices, but also their perception of you.