What Is Plural For Scarf?

What is scarf around neck called?

are called bandanas, neck scarves or neckerchiefs and are made of a light material, usually silk or cotton.

A classic bandana is around 19-20″ square..

What is material example?

An example of material is the fabric from which something is made. An example of material are the facts used in a book. … An example of material is the wood used to build something.

What does the word scarf most nearly mean?

noun, plural scarfs, scarves [skahrvz]. a long, broad strip of wool, silk, lace, or other material worn about the neck, shoulders, or head, for ornament or protection against cold, drafts, etc.; muffler. a necktie or cravat with hanging ends. a long cover or ornamental cloth for a bureau, table, etc.

Why do the French wear scarves?

Something about the plumage scarves create around the throat harks back to the monarchical snootiness that the rest of France has resented about Parisians for centuries. (Let’s face it — a scarf around your neck and shoulders makes you carry your head that much higher, nose slightly in the air.)

What is the plural of person?

As a general rule, you’re absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people.

What is the plural of die?

The Plural of “Die” Is “Dice,” Not “Dies” or “Douse” “Dice” is the plural form of the singular noun “die,” a fact that I didn’t realize until I was a teenager. Before then, I just thought the word was a noun like “sheep,” with the same form for both singular and plural.

Is an Organisation plural or singular?

In standard American English we would always use singular verb agreement with both “club” and “organization.” … In British English, it is generally accepted that collective nouns can take either singular or plural verb forms depending on the context and the metonymic shift that it implies.

Is there a plural for material?

The noun material can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be material. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be materials e.g. in reference to various types of materials or a collection of materials.

What is potato plural?

The plural form of potato is potatoes. The plural form of tomato is tomatoes. … Some dictionaries list the word potatoe as a variant spelling of potato, this variation doesn’t appear to be wide-spread. In general, nouns that end in -o form plurals by simply adding -s, such as volcanos, tacos, zoos.

What is the plural of wife?

The plural form of wife is wives.

Is Council singular or plural?

In American usage, the council (or legislature, board, congress, gang-of-four, etc.) is singular. Among niggling speakers of archaic and/or HRM the Queen’s English, the distinction between singular and plural usage may be made to indicate unanimity, or lack thereof.

What does scarf mean?

(Entry 1 of 5) 1 : a broad band of cloth worn about the shoulders, around the neck, or over the head. 2 : runner sense 6b. 3a : a military or official sash usually indicative of rank.

What is a French scarf called?

To an American, the word “scarf” typically conjures up visions of thick wool wrapped around our necks to keep us warm in the winter. But in the French language, there is une écharpe (a thick wintry scarf), and un foulard is its thinner, silkier, more fashionable cousin.

What is the difference between scarf and scarves?

The correct way to spell the plural of scarf is scarfs or scarves. Though the plurals are interchangeable, there is a difference in pronunciation. You can hear the F and the S at the end of scarfs, but scarves ends with a V sound and the final S sounds like a Z. Scarves is more popular than scarfs.

What is the plural of shelf?

noun, plural shelves [shelvz]. the contents of this: a shelf of books.