What’S Another Word For Not Sincere?

How do you describe a kind hearted person?

If you describe someone as kind-hearted, you mean that they are kind, caring, and generous.

He was a warm, generous and kind-hearted man.

Synonyms: sympathetic, kind, generous, helpful More Synonyms of kind-hearted..

How do you describe a genuine person?

Genuine people are who they are. They know that some people will like them, and some won’t. And they’re OK with that. It’s not that they don’t care whether or not other people will like them but simply that they’re not going to let that get in the way of doing the right thing.

What is another word for fake or not genuine?

Deception is defined as an untrue falsehood, or is the act of lying to or tricking someone. The definition of a hoax is a deception, intended to trick or mislead. One who sells by deception; a con. Counterfeit or fake; not genuine.

What is the opposite word for sincere?

straightforward, honest: dishonest, counterfeit, false, unserious, tricky, untrustworthy, unimportant, devious, insincere, deceitful, invalid, unreal, trivial, flippant.

What is another word for lack of information?

What is another word for lack of information about?ignoranceunawarenessincomprehensioninexperienceunconsciousnessbenightednessincognizanceobliviousnessunfamiliarityilliteracy23 more rows

What is another word for genuine?

What is another word for genuine?sincerecandidtrueunpretentiousheartfelttruthfulupfronttrustworthyunfeignedunadulterated25 more rows

Is heartfelt a word?

adjective. deeply or sincerely felt: heartfelt sympathy.

How do you express someone in one word?

You can talk to him easily, and he’s very friendly:Affable — He’s easy to talk to.Agreeable — He’s enjoyable to talk to.Amiable — He’s friendly and nice.Charming — He has a “magic” effect that makes people like him.Polite — He’s good at saying “please,” “thank you,” etc.Likeable — He’s easy to like.More items…•

Is Disingenuine a word?

The made-up word is “disingenuine.” I heard it at least four times last night, and it pierced my ears each time. … The word these boys were looking for is actually “disingenuous,” which means lacking in candor and sincerity.

What word is the opposite of genuine?

DisingenuousDisingenuous is just the opposite of genuine. This word is derived from the word “Genuine”, which means true and real. Disingenuous is just the opposite of genuine.

What is another word for sincere?

What is another word for sincere?genuinetrueheartfeltearnestwholeheartedprofounddeepopenunfeigneddear71 more rows

What is the closest meaning of sincere?

Frequently Asked Questions About sincere Some common synonyms of sincere are heartfelt, hearty, unfeigned, and wholehearted. While all these words mean “genuine in feeling,” sincere stresses absence of hypocrisy, feigning, or any falsifying embellishment or exaggeration.

What insincere means?

adjective. not sincere; not honest in the expression of actual feeling; hypocritical.

What is the meaning of lack of information?

lack of information; lack of knowledge; ignorance; unfamiliarity; strangeness[Classe]

What is the meaning of lack of awareness?

Definition. The lack of awareness can be defined as the failure to be alert, vigilant or observant in the surrounding or in the job itself. Such incidents can lead to the failure to recognize the consequences of an action.

How do you describe a sincere person?

This article has been viewed 382,733 times. Sincerity means being honest and straightforward without any pretense, misrepresentation, or deceit. Being a more sincere person can refer to how you interact with others, but ultimately sincerity must begin within yourself.

What’s a nice word for dumb?

What is another word for dumb?stupiddensedopeydullidioticignorantimbecilicobtuseslowdaft229 more rows